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Horizon Environmental Consultants, Inc., provides solution-oriented services in the environmental market sector to clients throughout North America.

Private sector corporations seeking assistance with environmental compliance, whether for on-going operational compliance or repurpose/redevelopment work, will benefit from HEC’s services. The multitude of Federal, State, and local environmental regulations create complex compliance challenges that can negatively impact business opportunities. HEC’s extensive experience in the environmental compliance sector can help clients navigate this complicated landscape efficiently, including with Federal regulations such as RCRA, CERCLA, TSCA, CWA, CAA/NESHAPs, as well as various State and local regulations. This can improve the compliance process and reduce project timelines for industrial or development projects. Founder Fred Blickle, PE, Fellow, ASCE, is a licensed professional engineer in Utah, Alabama, Michigan, and Florida. HEC is a registered engineering business in the state of Michigan. HEC has a robust network of professionals and Affiliate Companies to assist with clients’ individual requirements, as needed.


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