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Due Diligence

Phase I and Phase II services to support property transaction.  HEC follows ASTM 1527 standards in work approach.  Affiliate Companies are available to provide additional resources for labor and/or geographic considerations.

Decommissioning, Demolition and Property Redevelopment

Decommissioning Assessments provide detailed guidelines of activities needed to achieve objectives within the applicable regulatory frameworks.  Whether for facility closure/sale or repurposing of an existing business (strip-out), HEC has developed a standard practice to ensure that environmental issues are adequately addressed at all levels.  Given the multitude of policy and liability issues inherent in facility closure/repurposing, it is critically important for those involved to fully understand and address legal and regulatory compliance in order to minimize third party liability.

Regulatory Compliance

HEC provides compliance audits and assistance with specific permits, reports, and deed restrictions to help industry address regulatory requirements. 

Investigation and Remediation

Whether in response to contaminant release or to assist with understanding of properties during transactions, HEC provides global strategic direction for investigations and remediation, as well as individual work plans for small or multi-faceted situations involving both the vadose and saturated zones. This includes soil, soil vapor, and groundwater. As experts in remedial technology applications, HEC typically considers multiple remedial technologies in feasibility studies before selecting and recommending a remedy, which is then implemented following a thorough remedial design.

Connected Network of Affiliated Companies

HEC has a robust network of professionals and affiliate companies to assist with clients’ individual requirements, as needed. Contact Fred Blickle for more information.

Expert Witness and Technical Testimony

With decades of professional engineering experience, HEC has the means to provide exceptional expert witness and technical testimony services. Leveraging modern technology, HEC has the capabilities to sort, manage, and analyze large datasets and documents as part of the multi-faceted approach to providing the best analysis for expert witness and technical testimony purposes.